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Elaa or Elia

A blessed tree, given by the goddess Athena in the city of Athens!

A city full of knowledge, wisdom and many olive trees until recently ...

The Olive gave with a twig in the beak of a dove, the message to Noah that the waters of the flood were withdrawn!

The olive fruit that gives the most healthy and rich food to people.

In the shadow of which Christ sat and blessed it!

With the greatest respect possible, soap company Elaa continues the Greek tradition of producing pure Greek soap.

Our company was founded in April 2013 in the industrial area of ​​Mandra, in Attiki - Greece, in an area of ​​4000 sq.m. with covered areas of 550 sq.m. Consists of people with love and passion for the continuation of tradition. Increased demand for natural products, without added chemicals, but also the experience and expertise of our craftsmen, pushed us against the odds, to create ELAA in the honor of olive tree and its fruit.

Our company already embarked on important agreements to promote its products abroad (Australia - Germany) and domestically in several merchandisers and supermarkets and is already in the implementation phase of such orders.

The raw material used in the manufacture of our soap is our Greek olive oil.